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About Salford City Academy

What will our students achieve?

We have introduced a new tracking system (SISRA) which enables all teachers and leaders to track classes daily to see how they are progressing. All students have been set new and challenging targets to ensure that they will make at least expected progress, or exceed progress. Every pupil in Y11 has their progress tracked for Maths, English and Science on special data boards.

What is the classroom environment like?

As you walk around Salford City Academy, classroom doors will be wedged open and teachers/pupils are used to frequent support for learning from colleagues ensuring that learning is not disrupted. The proportion of lessons that are good or better every subject, every lesson, every day is accelerating so that engaging and motivating teaching is becoming the norm. The feedback that pupils receive about their learning has changed significantly. A new marking system has been introduced where teachers mark in green, pupils respond to targets in red and yellow stickers provide a dialogue between pupils and teachers about how they can improve their learning. Apart from having interactive whiteboards in every classroom, we have introduced visualisers (projectors that can enable teachers to show and mark work in front of the whole class) so students obtain immediate feedback on their work.

Behaviour and safety

When you meet our students, you will notice that they are respectful, lively and willing to help. Attendance at Salford City Academy remains good – almost 95%. Pupils are rarely removed from lessons due to poor behaviour and punctuality to school and between lessons is improving quickly. Our students feedback their views about the Academy through our student council and a variety of surveys and feel their voice is heard.