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Welcome to Salford City Academy

*** Bad Weather Procedures ***

* Friday 30th January - school is open as normal*  

We, as an Academy, will make every effort to remain open wherever possible during adverse weather conditions.  However, if the Academy is to close, parents will be contacted via text message and a notification placed on our homepage.  Full information can be found here.

Welcome to Salford City Academy

We are a vibrant, engaged community where learning, care and well being sit, every day, in all of our work.

This autumn term has seen all students working in an exceptionally positive learning environment where they are taking responsibility for their learning and proving that they are delightful students who want to make a difference in their world. 

Confidence and self-belief has been a key theme throughout this autumn term.  Feeling confident about yourself is so important in life and we all try to inspire confidence in all of our students.  It’s that inner sense of self-belief that gives students strength but it’s also the glow they get when they’re happy and on top of things.

Students here are polite, well behaved, thoroughly engaged in their own learning and progress and uniform is immaculate.  In my first term here I have been welcomed by all the community and have found everyone to be warm, genuine and approachable.

As we now move towards the Christmas season and the Academy is beginning to look very festive, we begin to focus on the meaning of this season and what it means to us as individuals and families.  Hopefully a time to celebrate as families and a time to meet with friends, enjoying the festivities of Christmas together.  Although too much Christmas pudding is not advisable!

May I take this opportunity of wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a peaceful, prosperous New Year.

Mrs Helen Mackenzie, OBE


Latest News

Admissions Consultation

Salford City Council are currently undergoing a School Admissions Consultation process for 2016/17.  For more information please  visit our Admissions page.