Life after Year 11 FAQ's

We have been working hard to ensure you have access to everything you need to fully support your next steps. Below you will find a section answering the most frequently asked questions surrounding post-16 and following on from this you will see a page signposting you to useful information.


Should you have any further queries or concerns, the following people should be able to help:

  • For any queries regarding college places, courses or general post-16 questions please contact the college directly, please see a list of the most popular college websites below, where contact details can be found:
  • Salford City College (Including Pendleton, Eccles, Worsley, Futureskills and City skills: 
  • Trafford College: 
  • The Manchester College:
  • Loreto:
  • Xaverian:
  • If you/your child has any special educational needs and/or would like some further information regarding transitioning, you can contact your existing key worker or our careers lead: who can liaise with the appropriate providers.
  • If you have concerns over welfare, you can still contact our dedicated pastoral team.



Answer and Further Information

When does my child get their GCSE results?

The government has given Thursday 25th August 2022 as the GCSE results day. Your son/daughter will be able to collect their results from 9am.

My child has applied for college, what is going to happen now?


If your child has had a college interview (either at college, in school or over the phone) they will have been offered a conditional place on a course for September. Please do encourage your child to regularly check their emails/ texts for updates from the college. They will be invited to attend a ‘new students taster day’ in June/ July- the college will contact them directly with this invitation.

My child has changed their mind about their college course what shall I do?


You can contact the admissions department at college to inform them of a change of course or subject/subjects, for Salford City College the email address is:

The final decision on course is made at enrolment, following the confirmation of GCSE results in August.

What is the college Start Date for 2022?

The official start date for college courses is Tuesday 6th September 2022.

You many need this information for your Child Benefit Application.

How can I contact College Admissions?

Salford City College Group: 0161 631 5050

The Colleges are: - Pendleton Sixth Form College, Eccles Sixth Form College, Future Skills/University Centre, City Skills, Worsley College)

The Manchester College: 03333 222 444

Trafford College: 0161 8867070

Loreto Sixth Form College: 0161 226 5156

Xaverian Sixth Form College: 0161 224 1781

My child wants to apply for an apprenticeship; how do they apply?


You can find more information about apprenticeships and browse vacancies by visiting following websites:

Students will need a CV to apply, a useful template can be found here:

My child wants to research long term career plans, where can they do this?


My Child wants to apply for the Our Pass (Travel Pass)

Applications can be made online or by going to your nearest bus station.

ID will be required and a one off £10 admin fee.


Life After School

Below you will find some useful information which will help you/your child in their next steps.

Documents needed

How to get this

In order to apply for a job, most students look to work part time during their studies, they will need one form of ID – Ideally a Birth Certificate and/or valid Passport – this needs to be in date and can take a few weeks to be returned once an application is submitted.

  • Birth Certificate: If you need a replacement and were born in Salford you can call into Swinton Registrar Office, Chorley Road, Swinton, M28 5FJ Fee: £20-£28
  • Passport: Your child will need to collect an application form from the Post Office or complete the online application here.  They will need a birth certificate before applying for this.

Bank Account - Most banks will offer a 16-year-old a basic current account.  It is often easier for them to open an account where their parent/carer already has one.  However, with the right ID any bank should be able to help.

This needs to be open before a young person starts college, an apprenticeship or employment.

  • Drop into your local bank and ask for the details and key documents needed to open an account
  • Make sure you have all the documents needed and if not, plan to get them ASAP
  • Make an appointment at the bank to open an account, this usually only takes 20-30 mins.

National Insurance Number – This is usually sent to every young person just before their 16th birthday.  Cards are no longer sent, just a letter with the full NI number

  • Ensure the letter with the NI number is kept in a safe place as this will be needed for any employment
  • If your child has lost the number/letter or did not receive one you can request a new one via 

Supporting school letter for ID - If your child does not have any ID and is struggling to get a birth certificate or passport, then you can request a supporting letter from their last school they attended 

  • The school staff being asked to provide this should know the young person well and detail the length of time they have known the young person and at which home address
  • This can often help when trying to open a bank account, however, cannot be used for passport applications.

CV – Some employers will ask for an up to date CV.  This needs to include their education history as well as any work-related experiences.  This does not have to be formal work experience, it could also include projects they have completed in school and any work shadowing, trips to businesses

  • This needs to be stored somewhere safe and accessible, so it can be used after your young person has finished school.  
  • We would advise they email to their personal email account and send a copy of it to a parent/carer.

Email address – Every young person needs a professional email address.  Young people can sometimes have a silly email address that is not suitable for employers to have.

  • Create a new one using one of the main accounts such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc. 
  • Make sure your child makes a note of the login details, as these can often be misplaced and can cause issues when trying to retrieve emails from businesses.

! Social Media !

Most employers can and will check an applicant’s Facebook/Twitter accounts either before, during or after a person has started working for them.

  • Please ensure your child has an appropriate profile picture
  • Check privacy settings are appropriately set.
  • Young people should avoid putting any negative/offensive status’ or comments.

Interview Clothes – Young people should dress appropriately for any college, apprenticeship, or job interview.  For most cases it should be formal dress, however there are some cases where a more casual dress is acceptable, so it is best to check with the organisation beforehand.

  • If your child does not have any formal clothing that is suitable, they could attend in their school uniform.  This should be clean and smart.
  • If they need funds to buy interview clothes, please ask them to speak to their school who maybe be able to advise on who can help.

If you need access to resources or materials to help you in your next steps, but you are struggling financially, you should apply for a grant to help with financial costs.

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