Young Carers


At Salford City Academy not only do we look at student’s academic achievements, progress, behaviour and attendance, we also look at changes which can be affected by the wider picture throughout the local community and also their families.


All children are different and have their own needs as well as sometimes having responsibility for helping others.  You may:

  • look after a family member at home
  • help out with the day to day chores
  • cook
  • clean
  • or perhaps shop for them
  • or even help with their day to day needs
  • Some students live with family members who may be very sick and are not mobile or able to help themselves let alone others.

If you are one of those children, you may be a Young Carer.  Young Carers have lots of responsibility which can sometimes be overwhelming.  You are not alone, there are many children like you.  At Salford City Academy we want to support you by working with Salford’s Young Carer Organisation at The Gaddum Centre, as well as in school. 

Within school we would like to create a hub for Young Carers where we can meet once a week to support each other and discuss challenges Young Carers can face and how to overcome them.  Not all children like this interaction but I will be your point of contact and support if groups are not for you.

Take Care and Be Safe.

Mrs Jones